Our heart at Rockford Lane is to provide ministry in multiple areas of need.  In our minds…ministry is simply serving Christ by meeting the needs of others. These needs include both spiritual needs and physical needs.  To provide a well rounded scope of ministry we are attempting to meet spiritual needs with our worship and Bible study activities, and meeting physical needs with our Wednesday night meal, our Social Worker resource room and our Food Pantry ministry.  It is our hope that we take part in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of our community and our members.

In order to meet those needs in a more thorough and effective way, we are renovating our existing buildings and programs. A new children’s area was recently renovated to accommodate the vision for the children’s ministry. We are also in the midst of our Youth wing renovation to better reach our teenagers. We are looking towards a greater influence in our community with our trash pickup ministry where we walk up and down Rockford Lane picking up loose trash.  We are also seeking to work with the local community for an even greater reach of ministry. To support some of our ministry needs, we are looking to our congregation to utilize their individual gifts as needed.


  • New Children’s Sunday school room renovation is now complete and in use in the main building
  • Infant/Toddler renovation in planning stages – this room was redecorated in 2016 but we are now looking at a fresh look.
  • Our most recent renovation of the children’s wing is the Children’s GloryZone activity room – this room is an activity room for our children…with activities available during Sunday morning SS and children’s worship times.  The renovation is now complete with fresh paint, new carpeting, and appropriate children’s activity furniture and toys.  We pray our children will learn of God’s love in this room.

Children’s SS room renovation

Children’s SS room renovation



We are pleased to announce the next phase of our youth ministry as we continue to complete the new Youth Wing renovation.  We are taking a section of our  main building basement and renovating the space to provide a Youth Wing.  The Youth Wing will include a main game room with a pool table, side gaming rooms with Ping Pong, Foosball table, Bumper Pool table, and a Video Game room.  The larger main room will provide a gathering area for Bible study, a Counseling room, and a Youth Worship Center.  The renovation is now 75% complete with only 3 rooms remaining to complete the renovation.  We look forward to this exciting chapter at Rockford Lane.

Youth Wing renovation underway – Bible study room

Youth Wing renovation underway – Bible study room

Youth Wing renovation underway - Game room

Youth Wing renovation underway – Bible study room

Youth Wing renovation underway – Bible study room


Sewing Ministry

The Lord is doing a work through several of our ladies who are using their sewing gifts to serve the Lord.  Most recently the ladies sewed a number of precious dresses for little girls in need in the nation of Haiti.  The ladies meet on Fridays in their basement Sewing rooms.

Exercise Ministry

We are to take good care of the physical bodies the Lord gave us.  We’ve started a ministry to gather people together and do some entry level exercise that will better care for this need.  This ministry meets in the back rear L Building in the Fellowship Hall every Monday from 10-11.  We also now offer a walking track available on Mondays from 11am to 1pm in the basement underneath the sanctuary.

New Christians and Baptism

We praise the Lord for what God has done in the life of our church and community.  Pictured with Pastor Ken below are three of our new Christians who were Baptized.  The Lord blessed us in 2021 with 13 Baptisms and our prayers for more in 2022.

New Christians – Praise the Lord!

Friday morning Bible Study

This ministry has been deferred until the Covid crisis has passed and it is deemed safe.  We’ll announce the return of this Bible Study as it is deemed safe.

(In early January of 2020, we began the new Weekday morning Bible Study held each Friday morning at 10am.  With the Covid crisis we felt it necessary to suspend this study for a time.  It is our hope that we can return to this study at some point in 2022.


Christmas Caroling 2019

Father’s Day Fun, Sun & Worship – 2019


Mother’s Day  Brunch & Worship – 2019

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

On Tuesday, September 11, 2018, Pastor Ken working with the local FCA coordinator and Youth Pastor from Shively Christian helped to launch an FCA chapter at our nearby Western High School.  We invited one of the football players from University of Louisville to come and share his testimony.  Please pray as we continue to share the gospel message through this organization.  We had to stop the meetings during Covid but we were able restart our regular meetings in late 2021.  We are also getting involved with individual sports teams to better minister to the students and coaches.

FCA gathering


Pre-Thanksgiving Day Brunch/Worship (Blue Jean Day) – 2018

One of the exciting events of the year was our annual Pre-Thanksgiving Day Brunch & Worship.  We not only have brunch in the fellowship hall but the brunch is immediately followed by worship while still at our tables.  It is a wonderful warm environment where our people can eat a light meal, fellowship, and participate in worship.  As an added bonus we’ve made it one of the annual blue jean days.  For us, it is a time we can get to know each other in a warm family style environment as we also take time to praise our Heavenly Father.




Scripture Reading

Preaching the Word


Mother’s Day  Brunch – 2018

Mothers Day Brunch

Mothers Day Brunch

Mothers Day Brunch – Serving

Mothers Day Brunch – Scripture reading

Valentines Banquet 2018

Valentine Banquet 2018

Christmas Caroling 2017

Singing from the heart

Giving love to old friends

Singing and caring


Community Ministry

  • We are trying to step into our community with local ministry opportunities.  The picture below is a 2018 effort to serve a pre-game meal to the Western High School football team.  We are hoping to continue such ministries as we reach out to our local area.

Friday, August 25, 2017 – Western HS Football team – pre-game meal


“Whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister, and whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: Even as the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give His life a ransom for many.”


Matthew 20:26-28